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Technology's Stories


v. 8, no. 1: Aesthetics


May 21st, 2020 by: Daniel Pérez Zapico

Aesthetics and the Political Appropriation of the Electric Light

Technology’s Stories v. 8, no. 1 – DOI: 10.15763/jou.ts.2020.06.08.01 PDF: Perez_Aesthetics Walking the streets of Madrid at dusk is a splendid occasion to encounter the dazzling night life of a European capital that never sleeps. However, I found it particularly striking to stumble across a tiny chapel hiding in a corner of one of the…

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May 20th, 2020 by: Ying Jia Tan

Dreamscapes of Accelerated Development: Uses and Abuses of Artist Impressions in John L. Savage’s Yangtze Gorges Proposal, 1944-1946

Technology’s Stories v. 8, no. 1 – DOI: 10.15763/jou.ts.2020.06.08.03 PDF: Tan_Dreamscapes In the fall of 1944, John Lucian Savage, the American dam builder from the Bureau of Reclamation, arrived in China to survey the Yangtze Gorges. After cursory surveys upstream from the proposed site of the dam, Savage drafted a report proposing the construction of…

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