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January 5th, 2021 by: Jesse Ritner

Chilling the Industry

Following World War II, snow was so valuable to Vermont tourism that a writer for Vermont Life called it “white gold.”[1] With snow, the author reasoned, people could ski. And when people skied, Vermonters profited. Today states throughout the country embrace this rationale. On October 12 of this year, after the first snow, Loveland, Copper,…

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January 5th, 2021 by: Manuel, Jeffrey T.

Technical Literature and the Text-Searchable: The History of Technology and the Digitized Turn

We historians of technology are constantly assessing technology and placing it in historical context. But from time to time, it is useful to consider how the technologies we rely on shape the stories we tell about technology. Specifically, how has the so-called digitized turn within the broader discipline of history affected the history of technology?…

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