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Photograph of aliens and spaceship exhibit at the UFO museum in Roswell, New Mexico. Article

December 12th, 2016 by:

Notes from the Field: Roswell, New Mexico

Aliens have invaded Roswell. Whether or not you believe a UFO really crashed here in the summer of 1947, what’s readily apparent is that the image of the almond-eyed extraterrestrial is everywhere. Restaurants, motels, liquor stores, gift shops, car dealerships, and loan offices all trade in the icon of the so-called “little green man”. These,…

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Women's health image includes a caduceus centered on the international symbol for female. Article

December 7th, 2016 by:

“This is Not a Dalkon Shield”: The Renaissance of the Intrauterine Device in the United States

Heather Munro Prescott, PhD, is Professor of History at Central Connecticut State University.   She is the author of The Morning After: A History of Emergency Contraception in the United States In March of 2015, a group of Colorado lawmakers began wearing earrings shaped like intrauterine devices (IUDs) to demonstrate their endorsement of a bipartisan but…

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June 21st, 2016 by:

Manufactured Landscapes: Law and Hydraulics in the Bengal Delta

The island is called Talpatty in Bangladesh and New Moore in India. Claimed by both countries, this uninhabited island is part of a water-border-complex and the flashpoint of conflict over territoriality, sovereignty, and ownership rights within a new economic regime created by the various continental shelf enactments of the past decades.[1] This land-sea-scape was formed…

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June 1st, 2016 by:

Deferred Maintenance: The American Disaster Multiplier

Construction is a sacred rite in American life—it demonstrates vision.[1]  In the rise of suburban developments, the flow of cars on an expressway, and the glimmer of skylines it embodies democracy. At the same time, the willingness, the compulsion even, to build homes and infrastructure in difficult terrains defines the American construction boom of the…

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