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May 9th, 2017 by: Svetlana Usenyuk-KravchukNikolai Garin

Arctic Human Enhancement: Focusing on Traditional Technologies of Arctic Indigenous People (Designerly Field Notes)

Technology’s Stories vol. 5, no. 2 – doi:10.15763/JOU.TS.2017.5.9.01 PDF: Usenyuk-Kravchuk_Arctic Enhancement Introduction Arctic indigenous peoples are widely recognized as living examples of successful adaptation to severe environmental conditions. However, ethnographic and anthropological studies tend to focus mainly on immaterial “traditional knowledge,” while tangible artifacts and practices, related skills and technologies that still constitute the very…

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May 2nd, 2017 by: Hanna Vikström

The Rush for Greenlandic Metals

Technology’s Stories vol. 5, no. 2 – doi:10.15763/JOU.TS.2017.5.2.01 PDF: Vikstrom_Rush for Greenlandic Metals Never before has the demand for metals been as high as it is now. Products and technologies we use every day, including smart phones, electric cars, wind turbines, cutlery and light bulbs are all constituted by metals, and demand is soaring. In…

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May 2nd, 2017 by: Tess LanzarottaJeremy Greene

Communications Technologies as Community Technologies: Alaska Native Villages and the NASA Satellite Health Trials of the 1970s

Technology’s Stories vol. 5, no. 2 – doi: 10.15763/JOU.TS.2017.5.2.02 PDF: LanzarottaGreene_Communications Technologies In May 1975, high above the earth’s surface, a structure resembling a large mushroom with two snow shovels attached to its dome released itself from stable geosynchronous orbit and drifted to a new station over Lake Victoria in Central Africa. The passage of…

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Photograph of aliens and spaceship exhibit at the UFO museum in Roswell, New Mexico. Article

December 12th, 2016 by: Jordan Bimm

Notes from the Field: Roswell, New Mexico

Technology’s Stories vol. 5, no. 1 – doi: 10.15763/JOU.TS.2017.4.1.04 PDF: Bimm_Notes From the Field Aliens have invaded Roswell. Whether or not you believe a UFO really crashed here in the summer of 1947, what’s readily apparent is that the image of the almond-eyed extraterrestrial is everywhere. Restaurants, motels, liquor stores, gift shops, car dealerships, and…

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Drawing of diaphragm rings with different diameters. Article

December 11th, 2016 by: Donna Drucker

Materializing Gender through Contraceptive Technology in the United States, 1930s–1940s

Technology’s Stories vol. 5, no. 1 – DOI: 10.15763/JOU.TS.2017.4.1.01 PDF: Drucker_Materializing Gender This essay focuses on the intersection of gender, sexuality, and technology in the use of barrier methods (diaphragms and cervical caps) along with spermicides as contraceptive technologies in the 1930s and 1940s United States. Documents on contraceptive technologies in this era favor doctors’…

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