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v. 8, no. 2: Dialogues: History of Technology in Africa and the Americas


September 28th, 2020 by: Mikael Wolfe

Cuba’s “Battle of Spare Parts” Against the US Blockade (1961-1964)

People tell many stories about the Cuban Revolution of 1959 but two tend to predominate. The first marks the triumph of the revolution through armed struggle, either celebrating (or, depending upon the politics of the writer, lamenting) the end of Cuba’s de facto status as a protectorate of its northern neighbor. The second narrative depicts…

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September 28th, 2020 by: Sonia Robles

“Good luck and Buenos Notches”: Early Amateur Interactions with Mexican Radio

From the mid-1920s to the 1930s hundreds of shortwave radio amateurs in the United States and Canada including DXers (distance fiends, as they called themselves), Mexican citizens, European immigrants, housewives, and teenagers, frequently tuned in to transmissions from Mexican stations and penned letters to their place of origin, Mexico City. Amateurs drafted letters during or…

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